Sure Feet Orthopedic Insole

The following information of our tailor insole:


The SURE FEET adjustable insole is custom made with the Human Biomechanical Foot Actuator System. This system uses a prefabricated orthopedic shell that is designed like a normal foot.It will evolve into different arches based on each person’s’base shell'(eg high arch,flat feet,etc). So the SURE FEET insole is technology that reshappes and adjust the bow, muscles and tendons of the customer’s feet. However, the gait and bow of the customer’s walking are improved.

2.Adopt ‘gait’ measurement system

Because people are dynamic, the body’s skeleton arrangement will move. Therefore, when people walk in unhealthy gait, the arch of the foot will develop in an unhealthy way.SURE FEET uses the ‘gait’measurement system to measure the weight and pressure distribution of the customer’s sole with the gait of the customer while walking. The archer analyst can effectively analyze and explain to the customer how to prevent and improve the skeleton displacement. Extended problem.

3. 3~10 years product warranty period

Customers who have used the SURE FEET adjustable insole for 3~10 years can enjoy the special guarantees provided by the manufacturer as follows.Insole quality and protection: If the insole is broken during use, the insole can be replaced by one-on-one replacement of new insole.Insole structure guarantees: If the insoles is handed over to the manufacturer’s adjustment team, it is found that the customer’s current insole structure and footprint pressure analysis are not suitable for further use in the scanning system measurement. The manufacturer will also replace the one-to-one free replacement brand new. The insole is given to the customer.

(The above-mentioned home insurance does not include; man-made damage,pet bites or no single or both insole).

4. Suitable for most shoes

Customers can easily find and match their favorite shoes or some shoes with slippers when using the SURE FEET adjustable insole. Instead of spending money on expensive ‘custom’ shoes.

5. Provide on-site service

SURE FEET is the first adjustable insole company to offer on-site service in Malaysia. After sales service is most important thing for all customers. In order to provide better service quality and save customers time. The company has established a ‘Service Team’ to provide more intimate services.The service team will arrange for the door to retract the insole for the customer at the appointed time, and then the company will send the correction technology team to the manufacturer to make a more suitable insole correction adjustment, and then send it back to the customer’s home.

Sure Feet Healthy Sandals

SURE FEET Healthy sandals

are designed to reduce the pressure of the feet and disperse the pressure of the feet when walking, helping us to feel more comfortable every time we walk, and can also support the feet to walk for a long time and reduce the feeling of tiredness.

Technology comes from Europe and the United States, the main raw materials are all local plant wood, the raw materials include the following:


 Cork is the outer skin of a cork oak tree. This tree can only be peeled once in 25 years, and then the tree will continue to growing, peeling again on every 10 years.

2.Natural Rubber

Rubber made from rubber-producing plants, with good resilience, insulation, water resistance and plasticity. After proper treatment, it has the properties of oil resistance, cold resistance, alkali resistance, cold resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance, and abrasion resistance.


Two layers of linen are added to the sole. It is a fabric made of  flax, jute, sisal, abaca and other hemp plant fibers. The advantages are high strength, moisture absorption, heat conduction, air permeability,etc….


 The contact layer between the sole and the foot is made of cowhide. It is a natural product, which is different from ordinary fabrics. It has all the characteristics of live cowhide, can adjust temperature and humidity, and has a breathable effect.

5.Bright Leather

 The functional comfort. The leather used is super-thick leather with a thickness of 3mm, butv it is soft. The leather originally presents structure and texture, but after special treatment, chemical dyes are not used to cover up, so that it can fully present its original colour, and achieve the original breathability and comfortable physical.

6.Artificial Leather

 This is a kind of artificial leather that does not harm the skin and is very durable and tough. Artificial leather is a material that can replace real leather and has the same characteristics as real leather.


Sure Feet Hallux Valgus Splint

Hallux Valgus can be divided into five situations. From slight to severe valgus, the issue is not in a short period of time. In severe cases, in the severe cases, every step of the way will cause pain in the thumb and even difficult to choose shoes. In the severe cases, surgery can be performed to completely cure it.

SURE FEET Hallux Valgus set can effectively correct the problem of valgus thumb. It is divided into day and night sets. It can effectively correct the valgus thumb and reduce the deterioration of the condition regardless of whether it is day or night.

SURE FEET Hallux Valgus set is a toe separator made of silicone to correct the thumb. The material composition is ultra-soft, ultra-thin, sweat-absorbing and breathable, and can be used all day.

Sure Feet Back Stretcher

Back stretcher is a fitness tool that can relieve back pain and improve body flexibility. Its use can increase the flexibility of back muscles and relieve the pressure and fatigue caused by long periods of sitting or standing.

The product is suitable for different groups of people, including office workers, long-distance drivers, and others who need to maintain the same posture for a long time. People using the back stretcher can stretch their back muscles by adjusting the angle of the device and strengthen the flexibility of back ligaments and muscles.

The back stretcher also helps prevent back injuries and can reduce back pain. Its use can also promote blood circulation, relieve pressure and fatigue, and improve body flexibility.

Overall, the back stretcher is a simple but practical fitness tool that can help people relieve back pain, improve body flexibility, and increase muscle flexibility. If you sit or stand for long periods of time or need to maintain the same posture for long periods of time in your work and life, then the back stretcher is your ideal choice.

Sure Feet Knee Protector

Far infrared knee brace is a care product aimed at knee pain and discomfort. This product uses far-infrared technology to provide thermal therapy, which can help alleviate symptoms such as knee arthritis, synovitis, and meniscus injuries, and relieve pain and discomfort.

The far-infrared knee brace is suitable for different groups of people, including those who need to stand, run, walk or exercise for long periods of time, as well as elderly people with knee pain and discomfort. The use of far-infrared knee brace can promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, help reduce swelling and pain, and promote wound healing.

To use the far-infrared knee brace, it needs to be plugged into a power source, the appropriate temperature and time should be selected, and then it should be worn on the knee. The product can provide comfortable thermal therapy, and the temperature and time can be adjusted as needed.

Overall, the far-infrared knee brace is a very practical care product that can help people alleviate knee pain and discomfort and promote wound healing. If you need to relieve knee pain and discomfort, then the far-infrared knee brace is your ideal choice.

Sure Feet Posture Corrector

A posture corrector is a supportive device used to support the waist and spine, typically made from elastic materials. Its main functions are to provide stability and support, to alleviate pressure on the lower back, and to help relieve lower back pain. Here are the main functions of a posture corrector:

  1. Waist Support: The posture corrector tightly wraps around the waist, providing additional support to help maintain a normal posture and stabilize the spine.

  2. Pressure Dispersal: The corrector can help disperse the pressure on the lower back that arises from activities or prolonged maintenance of a specific posture (e.g., sitting for long periods or bending over). This assists in reducing the burden on the lower back and lessening pain.

  3. Posture Correction: An appropriate posture corrector can help correct improper posture, especially when engaging in heavy lifting or strenuous physical work.

Sure Feet Fashionable Healthy Shoes

Fashionable and Healthy Pack Shoes are shoes that combine fashion and health with many advantages. These shoes use high-quality materials to provide comfort and health protection for your feet. They not only have a fashionable appearance, but also have practical functions such as slip resistance, breathability, enclosure, elasticity, etc. These shoes can be used for various occasions such as tourism, sports, and leisure.

Features of Fashionable and Healthy Pack Shoes:

  1. Comfort: These shoes use high-quality materials to ensure comfort for the wearer.

  2. Health: Use healthy materials to prevent foot pain and injuries. 

  3. Fashion: A variety of colors and styles to choose from,suitable for different personalities and preferences. 

  4. Enclosure: They use an enclosure design to better protect the feet.

  5. Durability: They use high-quality materials with high durability.

  6. Elasticity: They have a certain elasticity, suitable for sports and walking.

  7. Multi-functionality: They can be used for different occasions such as tourism, sports, and leisure.

  8. Breathability: They have good breathability to keep your feet dry and stable.

  9. Lightweight: They use super lightweight EVA materials to reduce the burden on the wearer.

  10. Slip resistance: They have excellent slip resistance to avoid foot slippage and falls.

    If you are looking for shoes that are both fashionable and healthy, then Fashionable and Healthy Pack Shoes are your ideal choice. They have rich functions, can adapt to various occasions, and ensure that your feet are comfortable and healthy protected.

Sure Feet Gold Sleep

The healthy memory butterfly-shaped pillow is a powerful pillow with the following functional features:

  1. Relieves neck and shoulder pressure: The butterfly-shaped design of the healthy memory pillow can better adapt to the body’s neck and shoulder curves, reducing pressure and discomfort during sleep, and relieving neck and shoulder fatigue and pressure.

  2. Personalized support: The healthy memory butterfly-shaped pillow uses memory foam material, which can automatically adjust its shape according to the user’s body shape and sleeping position, providing personalized support and comfort, and can adapt to different body shapes and sleeping positions, thereby improving sleep comfort and quality.

  3. Improves sleep quality: The healthy memory butterfly-shaped pillow provides a soft and comfortable touch, which can relieve pressure and fatigue, make people more relaxed, enter a deeper level of sleep, and improve sleep quality.

  4. Prevents cervical spondylosis: The healthy memory butterfly-shaped pillow can relieve neck and shoulder fatigue and pressure, prevent and improve cervical spondylosis and shoulder periarthritis and other diseases.

  5. Prevents snoring: The height and shape design of the healthy memory butterfly-shaped pillow can keep the respiratory tract unobstructed, reduce snoring, and improve sleep quality.

Customer Praise

Sure Feet Women's Leather Shoes

Sure Feet Loafers: Elegant Stability in Fashion

Sure Feet Loafers epitomize a perfect balance of high quality and comfort, seamlessly blending classic loafer design with innovative elements to deliver an exceptional fashion experience.

These loafers showcase Sure Feet’s signature reinforced heel patches and thickened soles, providing outstanding support and stability with each step you take. The captivating gradient color design adds a touch of individuality, enhancing the visual allure of your style.

Crafted from durable materials for the soles, these shoes ensure long-lasting performance, maintaining excellence no matter when or where you wear them. Integrated artificial ergonomic insoles offer comprehensive support and comfort for your feet, ensuring a relaxed feel even during extended wear.

Sure Feet Loafers are not just symbols of elegant fashion; they’re crafted for contemporary living. Whether for everyday leisure or special occasions, these shoes allow you to exhibit your charismatic personality while enjoying both comfort and steadfastness. Choose Sure Feet and stride confidently into the perfect amalgamation of style and comfort.

Sure Feet Sneakers

SureFeet Sneakers: Steady Strides in Fashion

SureFeet Sneakers represent a seamless fusion of style and functionality, providing unparalleled comfort and steadfast support for your walking experience. Their unique design pays attention to detail, ensuring your confident stride within the realm of fashion trends.

These sneakers feature reinforced heel patches and thickened soles, offering additional support and stability for each step, empowering you to walk with determination. The gradient color design adds personality, enhancing the distinct visual charm to your overall style.

The choice of wear-resistant soles ensures the shoes’ enduring durability, maintaining exceptional performance even with frequent use. Moreover, the integrated artificial ergonomic insoles provide comprehensive support and comfort for your feet, allowing you to feel relaxed and at ease during wear.

SureFeet Sneakers aren’t just an ideal choice for everyday wear; they also epitomize sports fashion. With their outstanding functionality and stylish appearance, they bring a highlight to your active lifestyle. Step into SureFeet, follow the trends, and revel in the perfect blend of comfort, style, and steadfastness.


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